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Free Hugs World Record Inspire My City Day Worldwide Socially Responsible News Network Tools: Chat - Missions - Action Center The Worlds Biggest Eye Contact Experiment Tools: Slideshow - Template - City Organisers Guide - Intro Video Geo-Hacking World Record Balloon Release An ambitious project to plant 10 million native trees around the world, whilst also spreading awareness of the damage caused by balloons (yes, especially the mythical ‘bio-degradable balloons’), and creating a new company which produces balloons which benefit the environment, or don’t harm, when released. International Take a Smile Day Dinosaur BubbleGun Street Dance Party World Record Inspiring Hero's - creative writing workshop Tools: Chat - Missions - Action Center Give a Bubble Day Here’s the London Event. Feel welcome to copy and then edit the text Brighter Tomorrows Map (Streetsleeper Map) welcome! this category is where we will can discuss and shape the tasks for the 'Hack Homelessness and Happiness Hack-a-Thon', and add them to our Missions (Trello), to make sure that we fully utilise the skills and time of the magnificent people who come along to support us; finishing with a fully operational map to help those who are living on the streets around the World, and a hub to attract more people into creating local Positive Action projects, globally! International Pillow Fight Day Disclaimer: We may well be the biggest supporters of the fabulous community connecting celebration each year, and people do use our platform to find others who want to join them laughing and spreading joy - but no-one ‘organises’ this event officially, and they should not aim to do so.
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About the Public Happiness Projects category 1 11 February 2017
Discuss+Suggest New Projects

Post and Discuss new ideas for Positive Action Projects, Gatherings and Flash Mobs All ideas should be fun and innovative ideas to tackle an issue in your local community. This can be local/global, as we want as many id…

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Looking for Advice?

A supportive thread for anyone looking for advice, or wanting to offer some. Please make everyone feel welcome here, and you can use @ tags if someone asks a question and you know a user who has knowledge and interest i…

2 19 February 2019
Just say hello

A thread to just say hello to other users

2 14 February 2019
Dinosaur BubbleGun Street Dance Party World Record! 15 18 January 2019
#homelessentrepreneur Videos 1 14 December 2018
Community Leaders Thread

Missions for Community Leaders: Stage 1: Preparation. Begin building a community in your location of other kind hearted people who want to use our platform to help support those who are homeless in building a brighter…

2 14 February 2019
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Resource lists to add to the BrighterTomorrowMap 2 18 August 2017
General Thread

Discuss: What you're working on The direction of the map What needs to be done to make the map a success (and then add create a card in Missions or Github if its web development related ) Form teams and arrange col…

2 9 April 2017
Glitter, seed-bombing water-fight dance party! 4 16 March 2017
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Testing and Suggestions for Improving features and functions of the Map 2 1 February 2017