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About the Sys Admin, Backend and Security category 1 8 August 2019
Introductions and 1st Questions

Who’s here? What brings you here and what skills would you like to contribute, or learn?

5 13 August 2019
General Technical - Overview

Site Operations This node aims to document the overall way the site functions and changes to the codebase update production. Sub nodes appropriate for this article include Testing, Meteor, stats/metrics, and other in…

2 8 April 2019
Install Discourse Yearly Review Plugin 1 13 February 2020
Install program to test site for vulnerabilities 15 25 January 2020
General Discussion Thread 1 26 September 2019
Install Wordpress Plugin 2 17 August 2019
Create a testing server 1 12 August 2019
Set up two-way sync between all relevant channels and their equivalent in Slack 1 8 August 2019
Please add this Intro plugin so we can guide 1st time visitors around the site better 1 8 August 2019