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React Js and Meteor 1 18 July 2019
General Discussion

Use this thread for general discussions. This is thread is synced with our Slack channel which is a backup discussion tool some of our community use at work, so some messages will be coming from members who are online ov…

4 22 September 2019
Hour picker improved 29 23 February 2020
Review: Unit testing Fail Report 8 22 February 2020
[Floating Footer] Floating footer created 17 6 February 2020
This is an event - delete me. :) 2 3 February 2020
Create React and iOS apps from the Discourse stock app 65 2 February 2020
Create new page and copy text over (good 1st task for members learning our codebase) 1 16 January 2020
Discussion: Improving the ability to follow and friend other users and communities/charities 2 14 January 2020
Bug: All content except navbar disappears when clearing all fields in map 4 14 January 2020
Testing and builds 8 14 January 2020
Bug: "Clear All Fields" button on Gather form cannot be seen properly 21 12 January 2020
Bug: On a mobile device, long titles cut off on pages. either prevent users adding too many characters, resize long titles, or push other elements down to make space 4 12 January 2020
Bug: i18n states 'Resource Category', map shows 'Event Category' 3 12 January 2020
Build calendar view of events 2 23 October 2019
Fix the React and CSS issues in these pages 13 12 January 2020
Bug: Geolocation blocking is breaking the site in Firefox 4 10 January 2020
Different coloured dots 4 8 January 2020
Users posting a resource are automatically subscribed ('following') the Discourse topics on their page 9 7 January 2020
Date browsing ability added to the map 1 3 December 2019
Bug: If users click enter when the form hasn't recognised the address correctly, then they are unable to change the address 8 17 November 2019
React Js Developer 2 7 October 2019
Add 'unknown/forever' button in the 'until' window when creating an event 2 31 January 2020
Put a note if there is nothing on the map nearby, open a message explaining why it will help users if they take the lead and be the 1st to post 1 15 September 2019
Location service adapts zoom based on how active the maps are 3 15 September 2019
Reduce the fade in on the maps to 1/3 its current value 1 15 September 2019
Admin and Moderator roles created and sync'd with Discourse 2 4 September 2019
Stars added to any post in the 'community offering' category, and also to the category itself in the filter 1 3 September 2019
Invite Feature Created 1 8 August 2019
Create a page for google auth code 1 8 August 2019