Organisational - Monthly Team Challenge

A difficult and important task will be set each month as our monthly team challenge.

This challenge can be completed alone, and at anytime. As it’s expected to be challenging it’s selected as the monthly challenge to encourage everyone to share their ideas and efforts in solving it, and arrange times to collaborate on it.

You’ll also see a date in the calendar each month called ‘Team Challenge Day’ to encourage people to collaborate on this important issue. Any day can be team challenge day, but it helps to have one down in the calendar.

In Trello this issue has ‘Team Challenge’ in the header, and it should be top of one of the lists (if it’s been displaced please move it back to the top)

Discussion normally occurs in the #team-challenge thread in Slack

The team challenge will be replaced each time its completed, and might also carry over for more than one month if not solved - we do hope that doesn’t happen though.