Poll on Vocab

That’s correct, sorry for not being clear.

I see that would work either

  • as a background function where the creator is auto subscribes, and users are signed up after they click a button (probably the same button that opens the default discussion thread, and after subscribed the text would change to something like ‘discussion’)

  • by auto-posting something like ‘I’m in’ into a default ‘who’s going’ thread, so it auto subscribes users, and doing the same with the creator. The issue with the latter is that I think they’ll be subscribed to the thread, and not the whole tag-page, so branching discussions will pass them by.

Angus (brilliant guy who builds plug-ins) had a to-do set for this weekend I think to work on his calendar plug-in if I remember correctly and I think it might have had something to do with reminders. Maybe we could reach out to him for the project?

just pointing out that the local activities which would be in a calendar would be on React (the map), and the plugin he’s building would be in our forum, so this would require building API or some other sync between the two.

Entirely possible, though it might be a good idea to look in the React library 1st.

We’d also need to decide whether the new User Homepage will be built in React or Rails as that will influence the decision.

That’s something I’ve been meaning to ask about feasibility wise. How are we going to house a person’s profile (preferences, threads, events, locations, tasks completed, etc)?

we need to make a decision on one side or the other, and then pull the info in from their choices around our platform. i’m leaning towards building it in React (the maps) because there is excellent APIs and Documentation for developers building on Rails (the forum), which will make it easy to pull in the information needed.

Maybe I’m dumb (I definitely am when it comes to development although I’m trying to learn!) but from what you’ve said it makes more sense to build the profiles in the forum then, wouldn’t it? I just feel like that’s the place that has the most realistic/feasible workability right now, and it seems like with the custom wizards and whatnot it’s a pretty good model off which to create even more customization in existing profiles. But idk.

Either side we use we’re going to have to pull in elements from the other, like stats.

There’s more to bring in from Discourse (Rails), but it’ll also be far easier to bring elements from it to the other as everything in it has API ready to pull to anywhere else.

The guys building it should probably make the final decision after reviewing how much work each route involves