Introductions and Getting Started Chat

Hello Amin. Would you like help getting started with a task?

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Yes please, I’ve read some of the documents available in this forum.

If there’s any onboarding/simple enough task for web developers I’d like to try it.

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your skills look to be quite well balanced @lit-codes. would you rather work on a Ruby-on-Rails, React, or backend task?

In the [boards for the Web Dev team]( is a complete overview of all webdev tasks, but that is probably too broad to be useful to get started with.

I’d rather start with React as it’s most similar to what I’m doing right now.

Cool. the tasks are here: (there’s a lot i still need to move over from Trello).

I recommend the different colour icons task. Just in case you haven’t found it, there is a guide in the documentation tag here about setting up a local version to work on.

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@lit-codes This task is also a very useful one. A little more complicated though: Location service adapts zoom based on how active the maps are

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awesome I’ll get started soon. :+1:

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Trying to move this to #doing I get this error: You are not permitted to view the requested resource.

That’s very interesting. Can you post a screenshot?

Also try simply adding the #doing tag to the thread and deleting the other. That’ll help narrow it down.

I think the kanban plugin has an issue with new members, although I’m not sure why

Btw, @lit-codes, we’re currently working on the master_withoutDCS branch

@Mateo @aeglobal @MarinaOhNo @lit-codes @krunal-tony @ZaraAlyssa @AlenHuang

It feels like something is missing. When anyone posts in this category its like playing catch with a cloud. I suggest we start using the Teams function, so we can engage in team discussions, ask each other for feedback and set up things like collaborations and meetings.

it works by adding a tag, like this one: @UXers and if you want others to be able to call your attention to something they are working on/suggestion you can join the team by using the link below:

I’ve also added it into the header to make it easy for new members to see.

I’m a graphic designer and would like to volunteer doing anything graphics related that you need. /u/travelwaves told me to introduce myself here to get more information on a logo you need. Tell me all the details you can about it, the more the better.


Groovy, welcome to the community!

travelwaves is going under @aeglobal here, and its awesome that she found you!

the best place to start is probably the UX Getting Started guide, as no-one has made one for the Graphic Design Team. The general parts will be relevant :slight_smile:

and here’s the logo task which is the most urgent: New Logo for The Public Happiness Movement

Hi everyone!

My name Bram, and I go by u/mavrenon on Reddit. I’m coming on board as a UX writer with a background in design, business, and some programming. I’m on a quest to find new ways to unite the worlds of writing and design to create better products and services for people, and I want to apply my skills to digital products like web and mobile apps. I believe stories and language are powerful ways to create a better experience for users.

I’d also love to have a hand in designing the UX/UI, but I know my strengths right now are in writing and marketing communications.

Looking forward to meeting more of you!


Welcome @mavrenonbram, it’s great to have you here!

I’ll reach out tomorrow with more info, I’ve got a task in mind I think you’d be perfect for :slightly_smiling_face:


We want to create two pitch-decks which quickly and clearly explain two of our projects to users.

This one:

Something like this

I’m creating a Happier World Economies Summit in Davos during the World Economic Forum, to give a platform to people and projects doing great work to benefit society, who are currently ignored by today’s economic model - and to projects exploring ways the economic world can better support them

And more of a challenge, our Whitepaper itself:

So it’s capturing that either, or both, in a short impactful story, ready for someone (or you if you are interested in UI too) to turn into a graphical webpage

Hey :slight_smile:


Hey @zackmoun. would you like to introduce yourself and the skills you want to contribute to our mission for more peace and well-being in the world? :slight_smile:

Hey Andy, I’ll looking forward to send ne the tasks tl start working :slight_smile: if there is some others projects let me know.
Hope to hear from you soon :slight_smile: