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Hello . My name is Vu Tran. I am Front-End Developer useing React/Javascript. I like to help out Front-End on this project.



My name is Carlos Henrique (caike08) and, I’m a front-end developer. I come from Brazil, and I have a BSc in Systems Analysis. Right now I’m in a reallocation process, and soon I’ll be living in Prague, so I may run a little bit out of time in the next weeks. But I hope I will have more time to help you guys once I set up everything there.

As background, I have worked for almost three years in an NGO called Solidaridad Network, where I work with Ionic/Angular mostly, but also had some contact with React. Since I learned how amazing it is to help people with technology, I promised I would try to help with my skills, hoping to create a better world.

I’d say I’m good with CSS, but I’m looking forward to improving my skills with React and help you guys with this spectacular project!

Cheers :slight_smile:


Welcome @caike08 and @vutran. Its super exciting to have all three of you joining at the same time so you can chat with, build with and support each other as you get going.

I’ll tag you all in a few pre-existing tasks. You’re also welcome to review the current site to see what you think you can improve and suggest your own tasks for us all to discuss and give the green light, or adapt together.

Follow the getting started guide, and i’ll try to track down the latest settings.json file and send it to you


Hi everyone!

I’m James. I’m a former front end developer, current UX Design lead for a company in Metro Detroit. I’m excited to be able to help out this cause in any way I can.


Hi James, welcome to our hopefuelled team :sunglasses::sunflower:


Hi all, I’m Dan, a front-end developer who works mostly with React and TypeScript/JavaScript. Looking forward to helping out however I can! I grabbed this issue here to start with:
Add ‘unknown/forever’ button in the ‘until’ window when creating an event


Welcome Dan it’s great to have you here.

That’s a great 1st issue to take on as its instantly useful for users and shouldnt get too complex.

We are planing to separate out the 1 user form into three specific ones, so one of them will have that option auto-set to be on, while the others will have it available for users to switch on or off. Keep that in mind while working on it. Oh, and search for the documentation for i18n. Basically any text the user can see is called from the i18n folder so we can add language support, or update it easily.

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@dgreuel how are you getting on with your 1st task? :slight_smile:

@Mateo do you want to contribute to the positioning of the forever button? some events/resources might be repeating forever and we’d lose them from our database if users aren’t guided to selecting that option. they’ll probably just put it for a week/month/year without an easy ‘forever/unknown’ option.


I would love to help here but I don’t think I’ll be able to deliver as I am helping for another website, an event for June and an app with a friend these days, besides my daily work.

Once I’m finish with all my side project I’ll let you know so I can be more useful! :slight_smile:

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My name is scott!
I am a ruby developer looking to help wherever I can!


Hey, @scottrobel we’re so happy to have you hear. :blush: :raised_hands: :boom:
This what we need a help with now.


Thank you!I am finding a few things about this project confusing could you perhaps get on skype to answer a few of my questions?


Hey I would love to participate in this too :slight_smile:


@scottrobel @Mateo. We’ve got Team calendars on the site now so anyone can propose a video call.

I think we should also have a monthly full community call, which i’d like to set up.

What would benefit you guys more? the full community call, or an all-web devs call (which would be able to go into technical things more)?

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Team Calendars documentation: We have Team Calendars!

Yes! Name a time and I would love to talk to both of you.


Hello there. I’m Meet from India. I would to like to contribute in this community in terms of user research and UX design. Here’s my portfolio:


Welcome @m-design. sorry for the slow reply, its all a bit hectic on my end right now, and others wouldn’t be watching the UI thread as we’ve not been putting ads out for that team, so you’re not likely to get replies there.

Here is the UX category. I suggest following the Getting started Guide in the header, and that should lead you to the tasks boards where you can grab a current task and get into building. Or you might prefer to click on Latest in the UX thread and contribute to the ongoing discussions there.

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@Mateo @vutran @scottrobel @aeglobal @bob @Wiggles @m-design @caike08 @tmcnulty @syl @ArtyS

I’ve created a poll to help plan a time for a monthly Web Dev team meeting. Here’s the link:

If you’d like to join in please indicate which times work for you. I’ve picked a weekend as most of us work and that will limit the hours we are free and complicate finding a middle ground due to the time zone differences.

p.s. if you aren’t in the web developers team you can join it here: It’s not essential to join it, just means you’ll miss out on some communications if you haven’t

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hey, @m-design we’re so happy to have you here. Welcome to Public Happiness family :orange_heart: :pray:
We cant wait to see your contribution. We need UX magicians like you. :star_struck: :raised_hands: