[Banner plugin] Allow text and links to be added to Tag-Banners

We use category banners to give a quick intro to each team or project, and to add any useful links for team members.

Unfortunately the Tag-Banners plugin doesn’t allow text (or colour schemes in the settings which are a nice touch). Please create this functionality in the Tag Banners Plugin:

or modify the more complete Category Banners plugin to work on tag-pages

@ArtyS i came across an issue i overlooked previously. I didn’t realise the tag-banners plugin didn’t allow text and links to be added. Is that a similar change to the kanban plugin?

@Petro the code arty wrote for making the kanban plugin work with tags I recommend as where to start this task.

You can see the edits arty made so it would also see ‘tags’ here: https://github.com/artysidorenko/discourse-kanban-theme