Users posting a resource are automatically subscribed ('following') the Discourse topics on their page

@syl Hi Syl, sorry i only just saw this. You are looking at the correct code in git. I am not seeing any errors in the console and i am seeing the console logs for routes and result.
I was able to create an event without any errors in phm and btm. Not sure why you are getting errors, i just tried again and everything seems to be fine. I created this,
Have you tried in btm as well?


@Zahra, there is a bug here. It should be pageName: result. I’ve added a better error message in Docuss to help catch this in the future.

If this fix alone doesn’t solve the issue, would you please change this line to console.log('routes', routeMatcher, eventId);? Thanks.


@syl thanks!

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@syl This is the error when creating a new event now:

m_4 - The Pu - Docuss Error - Failed to create tags [“dcs-m_z-photos”,“dcs-m_z-videos”,“dcs-m_z-stories”]: {“action”:“create_post”,“errors”:[“Category can’t be blank”]}

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That’s a Docuss bug (due to this unexpected setting in the PHM forum: allow uncategorized topics: unchecked). I’m working on it.

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@Zahra, I’ve deployed a new version of the Docuss plugin that should fix the issue. Would you please do an upgrade? (I was about to do it myself, but Discourse is asking for a manual rebuild from the server).

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@syl i dont have server level access to do this

@AndyatFocallocal, can you do it?

@syl I can give @Zahra access to the server. I’ll do that now.

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@Zahra did you get the access notification email

@AndyatFocallocal yeh i did sorry for the delay. I just tried it now and it doesnt work, is it time sensitive? What is it giving me access to?

To the server. I’ll send it again :slightly_smiling_face:

Btw, are you receiving notification emails again?

yep i got a notification email

ok, sent. i think i got it wrong last time anyway

@Zahra @syl did the rebuild fix the issue?

@AndyatFocallocal, the rebuild fixed the issue but another one popped up. I’m working on it.

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@Zahra, when I create an event, it seems here the eventId is undefined. Would you please check this?

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@Zahra just bumping this to check you saw it given the notifications issues we were having

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