Reviewing new Global section before we begin the build

That has been fixed.Thanks for spotting. So, Page 4’s interaction will only be when somebody clicks the tag-page selection at the bottom? Also, is Ordinary Discussion part of a drop-down menu? I should have the prototype finished by tomorrow. I only need to edit the two parts to page 4. I have also included a screenshot of the “Shop” page in my prototype. Almost all pages have been linked to the specific pages. Can I keep the last redesign that I did for Local? I uploaded a screenshot of the last redesign.

i don;t really understand the question. page four will be exactly the same as page three. its included to show that the path continues for as long as there are linked tags, and to show that when there isn’t a defined path it will switch to using the most commonly linked tag intersections.

so for example how often does ‘homelessness’ appear in the same post as ‘brighter tomorrow map’

ordinary discussion is the default view and it appears below the tag boxes above. there’s no drop down.

the map looks great, stick with that one

I added another screen to show you what it would look like without the floating footer for the specific page. Also, not all the images that I selected for the fill ins are related to what the title is for certain boxes. For example, the token box.

Page 3 Part 1 Example

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that’s fine with the photos. it’ll be fin for the teams to choose their own. can you put a hash-tag by all titles, to show that we are using hashtags to navigate.

i’d suggest having ‘Mission Statement and Key Links’ rather than having them separate as it looks ]like those are set apart, where in practice they’ll just appear inline in the mission statement like this. usually at the end of the sentence.

the 1st box is #WebDev

That makes sense. I think I just got confused with the lines. So, I thought it was a drop down menu.

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I’ll have to change it for all the screens. I will do that after I finish working on page 4.

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It is finished. Here’s the interactive prototype. It might be easier to view all the screens at once. So, you can see the screen names. You’ll need to use the right arrow after page 1 part 2. There’s no scroll bar link between page 1 part 2 to page 2. #Teams box in page 2 links to the page 3 teams page. There’s also no link between page 3 to 4. Page 4 has the scroll bar interaction to get to page 4 part 2. Each page has interactions for the “Global”, “Local”, and “Shop” tabs on the menu. Let me know if I should change anything else on the prototype. I have 13 screens. However, only 11 screens are relevant. The other two screens are just copies of two pages.

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good work :slight_smile:

i think the floating footer should be included, as its going to be a big part of the new systems design. it begins from page 2 on. with that there you could also pull a quick image of the ‘tasks’ ‘voting’ and ‘calendar’ sections to make the full functionality clear

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I made an edit to page 2. I added the floating footer. I also added a blue line beneath each name in the footer section for page 2. “Tasks” links to an image, which is on a new screen. The image takes up most of the screen. I didn’t add all the footers for the ones that are missing. I wanted you to see if you preferred the underline beneath the names or if I should leave it blank.

better without the blue line. everything seems to be there except for calendar, but i was a bit confused with the ordering and some of the pages. for example, i don’t understand what this page is:

this page is close to correct:

except there wouldn’t be a discussion option in the footer as discussion would be the default view under the tag-boxes. It would be nice to include stats at the bottom of that main page i think, or maybe we could include them on a tab where ‘discussion’ was before.

This page is correct:

‘Tasks’ is fine. You can grab a calendar page screenshot from the link to the plugin i added to the plan above. i can’t turn it on right now as it conflicts with other plugins (and isn’t that useful to us until it works with tags).

The footer for this one:

would be correct on this page:

you’d probably want to make the ‘join’ tab in the middle, and far wider (whitespace) so it’s clearly the main option. then have ‘about’ and ‘community values’ at either side.

That’s page 2 part 2 (Global page). Part 2 shows the graph and the four hashtags with the numbers from the graph. Any of the screens that have part 2 shows the last parts that couldn’t fit on the official first page. It is there to represent the user using the scroll bar to see the end of the page. I realized that I need to change it to rank instead of stats.

I’ll edit the prototype later this week.

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I made the changes. I also added the page names on the left hand side for each relevant screen. So, you won’t have to view all the screens.


Almost there, great effort. It’s a lot clearer to navigate now.

  1. This page:
    could you center the header and text vertically to make sure the designer creates it correctly

  2. All pages can you underline ‘key links’ in the description

  3. Can you underline the tab users are currently on in the floating footers

  4. On all tag-pages except for the splash-page, underneath the boxes are discussion threads, so all the others would be like this example:

  5. Stats we are putting in a different tab. Although i think from a UX point of view it would be really good to position some very small stats on the Tag-Pages like ‘weekly activity 230 (+21)’

  6. for the ‘calendar’ tab i meant to screen shot an example of the calendar itself. the page i linked has links to examples. i’ll try turning it on in our forum now.

  7. On the top left or right corner of some boxes is a ‘funding pot’. It’ll be a star with a number in it showing users how many tokens are available to earn if they join in. Its an optional setting, so ‘web dev’ wouldn’t have one as the next layer is more options rather than tasks. ‘brighter tomorrow map’ would have one as its a project, and that number would be divided among the tasks in the ‘tasks’ tab.

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I’m going to try to edit the changes within the next few hours. If I can’t finish it by tonight, then you’ll be notified tomorrow. I have a few questions on certain tasks.

Task 3. Would almost all the floating footers have the “Tag Page” underlined? Also, what color would you want the underline to be?
Task 5. Does that mean that I will be deleting “Tasks” in all the floating footers? I can make a preview of the small stats.
Task 6. I took a screenshot of one of the examples. The one I selected has a few anime characters. However, most of the picture is the actual calendar.
Task 7. Below, I have added a sketch screenshot of what I thought task 7 would be like. I used the boxes in the “Global” tab as an example. Would it be something like that?

  1. The ones you’ve created, yes. Tag-page means boxes then discussion. The stats would be moved to its own page. Colour… not sure, I guess light grey is safe and easy.

  2. No, tasks is important. It means that there is a stats tab in the footer, but that one or two key stats would also be subtly on the tag-page (home page for that tag).

  3. I’m not sure. I’ll set up one on our site and send over a screen shot

  4. Perfect… well, a little more :star2: like :yum:

It is going to be hard to add the discussion threads for each one because I won’t be able to fit every line. Is having two lines ok for the discussion threads? Page 3 Part 1 shows what my current edit looks like. Or i might just take a screenshot and just make it look like Page 3 Part 2.

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Discussion threads instead of stats. Stats is its own tab, although I think placing a single line somewhere with one or two key stats would be good.

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@aeglobal can you please change the Mission Statement on the homepage to:

The Public Happiness Movement

to bring more kindness, peace and well-being to the world

We need a Ruby-on-Rails developer who is going to be modifying existing Open-Source Discourse plugins and creating a new Discourse theme from them.

Mission statement has been changed to the one you have requested.