Tag Intersections (The Platform's Navigation Structure)

Our platform uses Tag-Pages and Tag Intersections for navigation. Here’s an example of one:


This will show a user all the posts which include the reactjs and also the ux tags.

A user might want to see only the UX tag and so they can click on the ux tag anywhere they see it on the site, or enter just that in the search bar.

They also might want to search for 3, 4, or 54 tags. The system works without issue and shows whatever it finds. for example:



With this system we have incredible flexibility for cross team collaborations, and to allow users to adapt and evolve the platform to fit their needs.

To give a few examples:

  • a new member who is interested in Graphic Design and Homelessness, can enter both of those tags and see what discussions, tasks, projects, events, and votes are going on related to both their interests.

  • a member in the Social Media team who wants to involve the Video Production team in a task to collaborate on, simply needs to add a tag and they have their own space with all the project management tools to organise.

  • If that space has others already using it they can add rachaels-team as a third hash-tag and now they have a clear project management space for everyone joining in.