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Tools: Chat - Missions - Action Center

where-ever you are in the world, this is a beautiful project you can use to help build self-confidence and pride in young people, especially those struggling to fit in society, or with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Here you can:

  • join and use your skills to support a team already working on delivering this project to a youth setting
  • find friends, or advertise and form a team where you live to deliver this there
  • chat, collaborate and get support from others who have worked on this in the past
  • get advice and learn new skills
  • ask for feedback
  • arrange meetings (online and in person)

You’ll find tasks required to set up or support a workshop in the ‘Missions’ section, and when a mission is complete please share your success with the community in the Hero Hub > Missions Complete

If starting a new workshop please create a new list for it in the Missions section

Andy :0)