[Floating Footer] Floating footer created

Floating Footer

The footer will appear across our site. It should read the URL and show different buttons in the 4 different types of pages.

Design: Simple, white, similar to the rest of the forum.

How it works?

Our theme components create pages which we use for project management. They use relative URLs, so we can have one button which works perfectly across the whole site as it’s just adding the same text to the end of the URL, then loading that page.

Different buttons for different sections

Section 1: Home Page for a logged out user

  • About

  • Join

  • Community Values

Section 2: Home Page for a logged in user

(Still under design)

  • Latest

Section 3: Forum Pages

The links should be editable in the admin area

[Tag-Page] [Vote] [Stats] [Tasks] [Calendar]

  • Tag-Page: Standard Discourse tag-pages and intersections

  • Voting: Discourse Voting Voting is enabled on all threads marked with the ‘vote’ tag, enabling governance and decision making to operate on any tag or intersection of tags sitewide.

  • Stats: A modification of the https://meta.discourse.org/u?period=daily page, to add Tags as a filter and open the tag currently being viewed by the user

  • Tasks: Discourse Kanban for this tag page

  • Calendar: Events Plugin for this tag page

Section 4: Map pages

  • Create

  • Ideas

  • Meet Me

This creates the evolving and flowing workspace we’re building. It will include a floating footer which navigates between popular project discourse management plugins/components by adding text to the url for each tag page.

for example:

Tag-Page: tags/reactjs
click ‘Board’
url appends to: /tags/reactjs/l/latest?board=default
Now the user is viewing the Kanban board and tasks to be done related to that Tag-Page.

The same appending url navigation will work for the calendar plugin. For the voting it will combine tags using the ‘Intersection’ feature.

an example of displaying multiple tags:


@Petro I suggest starting with this task