[Kanban Plugin] Resolve conflicts between our mod and the updated master branch

@AndyatFocallocal I’ve never used Ember before, but I don’t mind picking it up and working with it. I can do a crash course on it and start this task. If this is okay, I can start the course today.

Great. I’m sure you and Shan can get this plugin working again :slight_smile:

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I’m still struggling to find my way around. Would this get me up and running if I want to start working on the floating footer? There’s so much info to look through here on the site.

I would also like it if @shan could let us know her status on what she’s done so far :smile:, so I’d know where to start from.

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Setting up a local host would only help you with the Reactjs app, unless you also wanted to set up a locally hosted discourse forum.

We have a testing server so you can code directly onto a live site. Unfortunately that has also been taken down by the database issue. I would suggest following the guides in our documentation section for creating Discourse plugins and themes components. They will guide you the best way to do it

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Then as they are just plugins we can test them on this live site. It’s very easy to simply turn them off again if they don’t function as expected

I will do that.

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Hey @Marvelxy. Just an FYI it’s he and not she😅 .
I have not done anything in the repo so far. I was preoccupied with something else. So what I know so far is that we need to create a plugin for discourse. And once it’s get merged in discourse repo. We can use it in our site from admin panel.

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Sorry, @shan :laughing:, my bad lol. Alright then, I will go through the guides for creating Discourse plugins and see if I can start something.

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We can use it anytime you want via our admin panel, it doesn’t need to be merged. Once it’s merged it will be supported by the original developer and receive updates rather than falling behind and missing out on cool new features, bug fixes, or perhaps inconsistencies with the latest version of Discourse

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I just add it and turn it on to see if it works. We actually have Artys version installed in the site now but I turned it off due to the time out bug and we use the stock version instead which doesn’t work on tags.


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if you load Arty’s version on your testing site you can see the url structure he’s used

@JFort would you like to have a go at this while you wait for access? Not so simple, but it is well documented with the original plug-in author explaining how to solve the issue. The plug-in has been updated since then so you’d have to update Arty’s version and then add the code to prevent timeouts.

It would be helpful, even if it is deprecated. I can get a lot anyway. The more I poke the more I notice.

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Our version is depreciated. The main version isn’t.

So update ours, then implement the time out bug fix that the original author suggested

Current version: GitHub - discourse/discourse-kanban-theme: A Discourse theme component providing basic kanban-board functionality

The author David’s suggestion to solve a too many requests error in our mod: FEATURE: Enable tag boards by davidtaylorhq · Pull Request #7 · discourse/discourse-kanban-theme · GitHub

The current version of the kanban plugin: GitHub - discourse/discourse-kanban-theme: A Discourse theme component providing basic kanban-board functionality

The task is to:

  • update our mod to latest version and then fix any bugs
  • fix the “too many request” bug David mentions

The expected functionality is to make it possible to search all categories and load only tags. It should be able to load 1-5 different tags ideally.

@JFort I was thinking that perhaps staggering the load would fix this, as it was mostly working before. So it would load one column, then when complete the next column.

There might still be a future issue as the forum grows. I’m not sure if we can calculated it, or if a try it and see approach is best.

There is a suggestion to fix our plugin:

“Make each of the column headings to link to /tags/c/CATAGORY/TAG_NAME , you can then see just that tag in a single list, but better, you can click New Topic and create a new topic with that tag. It saves, by my count, a hundred clicks that it takes to assign a tag when creating a topic.”

Which would reduce the issue of the plugin trying to read and return too much at the same time.