Video Give a Bubble with Wiggles the CameraDog

Sorry about that! I think the video size is too large to play in google drive. You might have to download it! Edit: I will compress it into a smaller file size

Try this

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Awww. I watched that with my flatmates and Wiggles and I think both humans nearly cried. It was amazing :heart_eyes::orange_heart::orange_heart:

I spotted a spelling mistake at 2:45

Thanks, it was fun editing it; Wiggles is a cute dog!


Oops, sorry! Feel free to leave any other feedback to make the video better

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He says thank you :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

We only made a few videos as when I got him we were bouncing around couches for a few months before I could bring him back to a Portugal, and it was exhausting. Then lockdown came in.

There’ll be more soon though :sunglasses:

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I’m not sure I can think of any more feedback. It’s a really good video :star2:

If you really want the feedback for learning reasons I could tag a few other editors :slightly_smiling_face:

Sure! I would appreciate other editors’ feedback. I’ve uploaded the full-size video here. The reason it’s such a big file size is because YouTube will always compress it down, so it’s better to go over with quality than under.

:slight_smile: I’ll be looking forward to more Wiggles videos! Is there anything of priority currently regarding video editing? It might be because I’m currently rendering, but the projects page isn’t loading for me

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Awesome! There’s some more videos I can upload from Wiggles. Only one more public happiness activity with him though. I’ll upload them today. Click the video editing tag at the top of this thread and then you’ll find the tasks list

@Julita @MarinaOhNo @VideoProduction team, can you guys give any feedback on Scarflicters wonderful video?

Let me know when the text is fixed and I’ll begin sharing the video :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Fantasticcc work, @scarflicter :star_struck: :raised_hands: Thank you so muchh for your amazing video :blush: :pray: The world has to see this beautiful dog who makes this world a happier place :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Here’s the video, for those who can’t find it.

You can’t play it in Google drive so you’ll have to download it. @scarflicter would love your feedback

@scarflicter just let me know when the text is fixed and i’ll upload it to our channels

Also, i just uploaded a whole load more videos of Wiggles here. I think in around a month i’ll start inviting people to meet with me and wiggles and do positive activities again, depending on how the virus situation is looking

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Hi, sorry I forgot to mention but the last link I shared is the video with the fixed text.
Link again for final video

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Sorry, just like I mentioned in the other reply, I forgot to mention but the last link I shared is the video with the fixed text.
Link again for final video

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Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I agree!

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Ok, i’ve set the video to Premiere today on the Focallocal channel. I’ll share it to the Public Happiness Movement channel tomorrow.

Here’s the link, please invite all your friends to come and watch our efforts to spread a little smile :slight_smile:

@scarflicter would you like to link your other work in the video’s description?

edit: apparantly i did something wrong with the Rremiere settings. I’ll post it again tomorrow :slight_smile:

@scarflicter it’s lovely. I’m so happy to see more editors working on those amazing projects with Andy. Great work and keep it up. We need more stuff like that :smiley:

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