Week 2 Discussion: Science of Well-being by Yale Uni

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Rewirements - how did you get on with the rewirement activities?

Rather than typing it all out me and @KatiaEstrela filmed ourselves chatting about it this

Part 1:


Part 2:

Tbh there were a lot of videos this week so asking people to watch more is probably a bit mean. I’ll type it out next week :wink:

Week 2 has focused on some very specific things on being happy. One one side, common misconceptions, the things that society or culture reinforces the concept of in appeal to “happiness,” and an update to the journaling side of the course with some actions you’re supposed to begin to take in order to continue along.

That update includes two acts, savoring and gratitude. Savoring I understand innately. When I go out to eat with a partner and she takes a photo of the meal I always feel like that cheapens it into an imitation in some way. Perhaps I should embrace their willingness to bring a memento of a moment they’re savoring. Gratitude is just a good part of being mindful. Understand what is around you and why it’s there. Gratitude was one of my VIA character strengths so I feel familiar with it.

As the myths and misconceptions faded into lecture about how much money it takes to be truly happy, and what it takes to meet a persons basic needs, it upsets me what that the wealth gap is what it is. Furthermore materialism and “wanting stuff” is worse than bad for you, it’s killed the planet.

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Well done being 1st this week buddy and is great to have you joining in. I get your mixed feelings with photographing meals because the same act could be in different ways. It’s so popular now to share moments like that it of a cheap desire for attention and social status borne out of insecurity.

That act which should illicit sympathy and efforts to understand how that person feels and why they feel they need towers of likes to be, instead often feels tacky because it’s an illness which is encouraged by general society and often turned into a business.

It is definitely possible to photograph a meal because you love and and want to remember it, or to share the occasion with loved ones, which both seem wholesome and healthy activities. It’s kinda like a stereotype I guess. It’s so common now it’s difficult not to see it and assume.

Three of us: @KatiaEstrela, @TatiCosta, and myself were together this Sunday at our BBQ in Porto so we invited everyone around us to join in with the rewirement exercises. Here’s a video: