Week 3 Discussion: Science of Well-being by Yale Uni

Type here your thoughts about this week using the following headers:

General Thoughts - thoughts on the videos

Key Take-Aways - what were the main lessons you took from this weeks course

Rewirements - how did you get on with the rewirement activities?

General Thoughts

Annoying feature number 1: no new learning here. I will use this reminder as an opportunity to give more thought over the next few days to how much I expect I want each activity. Stopping to consider whether I’m correct, or miswanting.

Annoying feature number 2: again pretty much all stuff I’ve studied before, although there were some bits that went into interesting new depths. The study on silver and gold medals was very interesting and during the video I was questioning my points of reference in different areas of life. The car study was very interesting too, I’m sure that would transfer to Instagram, social media and lifestyle TV leading to a decrease in general happiness in the general community.

Personally I don’t think I pick up on this social pressure from media, it’s never really something I’ve noticed, so I’m not sure if I really have reference points. I’ve never wanted more money, etc than my brother’s or friends, and just been happy doing my own thing and living my own life.

I guess I need to reflect on reference points more because it seems to be critical to our happiness level, but I think I’m naturally pretty insulated from this.

Annoying feature number 3: again not new info. Long lasting Happiness comes from within. Any external stimulus is just a temporary bump.

Annoying feature number 4: going into more detail than earlier videos. the positive bias didn’t surprise me, the negative bias difference was surprising in the extreme cases the studies showed.

Key Take-Aways

  • needing to do so reflection on what my reference points are, because I don’t think I have any and I wonder if perhaps having healthy well chosen reference points is a good thing to have
  • I plan to pause before my actions this week and try to consider how each will effect my happiness, and use that to inform my decisions. I’ll report back after.


I do these as a habit already and find them a big help in life. You are very welcome to try one of our approved random acts of kindness (although I dislike the name. they aren’t random they are specific actions designed to make the world around you, and yourself happier). Currently I just give my dog a ball in the park most days. He takes it to everyone he sees, sits near them and pushes the ball towards them with his nose. @Wiggles makes it very easy to have random conversations with people I’ve not met.

General Thoughts - with this class, I think that until now I really did not have so much issues with the fact to get unhappy with the showing off lifestyle of celebrities and Co., since I already in my teenage years stopped looking much what the media tried to sell…but, true is that since I started to have one account in the social medias, because at first the idea was to have contact with friends and family, I find myself giving much more importance about stuff that I maybe doesn’t need but have the idea of getting happy with it.

Key take-aways: I’m catching from this course, is that until now, I’m getting the idea that she is trying to make us clear that we are attached to people and materials stuff too much…well about the material stuff I can accepted well this but about relationship its something that I’m not very agreeing with it, She talks most of the time about marriage but what is it with “blood-relatives”…

Rewirements: started training for a new job and started to talk with a co worker that I didn’t knew well and we went for a beer and came up really well.

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