Getting Started: Gatherings for Fun

A place to suggest and vote on fun activities we can do together online to keep people from feeling isolated, bored and lonely during Covid19. Tools: Intro - Calendar - Zoom

If lots of people joining in the fun we can have multiple activities going on multiple days. We will begin with just a weekly activity every Wednesday evening (GMT)

Download the Public Happiness App

(Android only currently)

How to suggest and host an activity

  1. Create a post with a short summary of the activity you propose and anything people need to do to prepare (like download a music track, clear space in their room, buy paints and craft supplies, etc)
  2. Set a date you want to host it
  3. Enter these tags: ‘online-gathering’ ‘[the date of the gathering]’
  4. The top voted category on each day will be chosen
  5. If your activity is top voted please post a zoom link into the activity page at the time it is beginning so everyone can join in

How to vote on an online gathering

  1. Read the intro to see whats going on.
  2. Click the vote button on activities you like
  3. Comment to let people know who you are and that you want to join in. Don’t leave the organiser feeling nervous, lets have a chat before we begin

How to join in an online gathering

  1. Download the zoom app on your phone or computer
  2. Visit the top voted activity in the calendar
  3. Click on the zoom link
  4. Please mute your microphone anytime you aren’t talking to prevent a noisy call where no-one can hear whats going on

How to chat to people

  1. The zoom call has a group chat where everyone can see your messages.
  2. You can chat in the event page on this platform
  3. You can begin a private chat with anyone on the call by clicking on the profile icon next to their message in the activity page here