Feedback from new volunteers

Here are some feedbacks and suggestions on the platform I’ve received when I messaged the new volunteers recently:

  • The volunteers really like the core values and what the idea of PHM is.
  • One volunteer said that he’s enjoying his time here and that he is learning a lot from Andy as he is a great leader!
  • The platform is said to be a bit difficult and overwhelming because there’s a lot of things going on.
  • There are a lot of categories that make the website confusing to navigate.
  • One volunteer is working hard to fix things here because he wants to “focus on the actual social projects”
  • “I think I had a really different idea of this project when joining.”
  • One volunteer said that it’s hard to figure out what is going on, where the materials are, and what is already done.
  • It seems like the tasks are all about finding plugins.
  • “I’m not really interested to look for plugins or searching for information forever at this forum and feeling lost.”
  • Generally, the volunteers want the briefing and information to be as simple as possible, and to find everything they need easily.
  • The platform is still overwhelming but the recent update improves it.
  • “One improvement could be rearranging the topics based on date - now when I open the app I see messages (on the forums) from 2020, 2019…I think most people would prefer to see new things first :slight_smile: It would make this space seem more alive!”