Database Migration

Welcome to the Public Happiness Movement! We’ve been working through a long process to try and fix our Mongo DB Atlas Database. While I was exploring other solutions I met @JordinParma who has kindly offered to host our databases on his servers, and we expect that the migration will solve our issues (if not there will also be a bug hunt).

The migration can either be a new DB set up and then Jordin will clone the DB from our dump files, or a full migration. I’ll let you discuss and decide which option is best here. is our meta site for building projects to help, is for helping people who are homeless, and we also have a test server for developers to sandbox in.

We document everything we build in the documentation section here and it would be great if you can do the same so others wanting to complete a task that intersects your work can jump right in and see how things are set up. There should be fairly complete (i hope) documentation on the current build there.

If you’d like to know more about the bug there is some background reading here:

  1. MongoDB, Atlas, and verifying our deployments
  2. General Discussion - #70 by AndyatFocallocal (@zofrex who made the migration from mLab to Mongo’s Atlas recorded their steps and progress at the top here)

It would be helpful if you could reply here with a little overview of your skill set, to help each other get to know who is in this team.

I’ll post details of the server we are moving to tomorrow hopefully.

On their side we have:

  • Jared the Ops manager who’ll give us access
  • Marcos Adams who’s available for tech support

The task is to move all our hosting from Digital Ocean and MongoDB. A non essential nice to have is a mirror of everything on a free plan somewhere, so if we go down the site can still operate just very slowly.

Please recreate everything, leaving the originals untouched, then point our sites at them to see if they work.

Another nice to have is that it would be great to have 6 platforms as we have other teams waiting for their own platform to begin work on their kindness and community based platforms, and the more energy we have the faster we’ll grow.


Nice to have:

  • 3 blank platforms set up the same as the testing server. You can ask me for their domains.

@tmcnulty @zofrex any advice?

Tom’s suggestion is that we set up access to all of our servers using

This will make it far easier for new Devs joining in. That’s something we should discuss with Jordins team while we set things up.

DB setup: Deploying to the live site - #5 by AndyatFocallocal