About the HTML category

Rule #1: Invite you most positive and proactive friends and contacts. that’s how Movements start!

Tools: Chat - Missions - Action Center - Github

The Action Center, the Hub of all we do. It needs to engage visitors into action! help them easily find projects that fit their sills and passions. lead them into the right channels to join in. feel a part of a team, rewarded for their Completed Missions …and most of all - it needs to be seriously cool!

Here you can:

  • discuss what needs to be built, edited, improved and changed
  • tell others what you’d like to create
  • find others to collaborate with
  • get advice and learn new skills
  • ask for feedback
  • arrange meetings (online and in person)

You’ll find suggested tasks in ‘Missions’, when complete share your success with the community in the Hero Hub > Missions Complete

Good luck, we all need you!
Andy :0)