Search bar and icon

The footer is operational without this task so this can be considered stage 2. It will make our sites navigation far easier for users.

The tag navigation system is still not going to be intuitive. I’ve come up with a way to change that.

The magnifying glass in the top right tool bar can be moved into the floating footer in the far right corner.

The top search bar will now be hidden

Clicking it will slide up the search bar, locked onto tags, with ‘all tags’ ticked (the same search bar as its being built into the home page). Clicking it again will close the search bar.

The search bar will display the current tags the user is currently looking at showing them intuitively how the navigation system works.

We also want to encourage users to use tag intersections, so please add a small ‘+’ button to the right side of the search bar as users can see that they can add tags. Clicking it should add + to the current tag/tags

As a side note, i’m not sure we need to switch the text to icons as previously discussed. It looks to fit pretty well to me. Please use screen size tools to check. Also “calendar” can easily become “Cal” if needed.

Note: please be aware that on a mobile device the search bar and pop up keyboard are going to occupy the same space when a user is typing. I’m unsure what the best solution is here. Perhaps having the search bar open at the top of the page when clicked.

The most elegant solution is if only the search bar floats up above the mobile devices keyboard. Also probably the most complicated one. If its too tricky feel welcome to choose a different one.