Add new header image

Add the new heart header image, called in via a tag in i18n. This gives me the ability to update the image for BTM myself so you don’t have to worry about working on two pages.

I don’t fully understand this task. Is this task for me? If yes, where can I find the i18n tag?

If you look in i18n for the old homepage, you’ll see where the old header image was called. Let me find it

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Ah, that seems to be coded incorrectly. I wonder how it is choosing the correct image for each site then.

Anyway, you can see an example in the images for the webdevs who were building it when the page was created. The homepage looks for the tag ‘photo’ and pulls in the image from the link. If i copy pasted this code:

          "name": "distalx",

Then changed the details to put a different name, link to a photo and link to open when clicked, then the page would automatically add a new developer below with those details. The header image should operate the same way, but i assume its been forced in by adding two different images in each branch with the same name. A bit naughty.

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You can see another example on line 11 here: fl-maps/about.json at master · focallocal/fl-maps · GitHub

The tag called is ‘top_image_url’ and changing the link there in the i18n/en/PHM/ folder means i, or anyone else, can set that site to load a different image. Our platform reads the url and returns the correct code for the site its loading, which we will also use to make the site multi-lingual in the near future.

I created all the tasks in here for you based on our conversation, except the one’s i’ve assigned to me.

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