Pulling in numbers to section 2

In section 2 we give users a snapshot of the size of our community and how active it is by pulling in numbers from external and internal sources.

The figures referring to the local side of our website will come from our database connected to the React app.

The figures relating to the global side of our platform will be pulled in via Discourse API’s. Here’s is the documentation on working with Discourse API’s: Integrations: Discourse API. Non Discourse API

There are two other API’s we need to show more info about our community:

“Developers” api

People · The Public Happiness Movement (formerly Focallocal) · GitHub
note: this should show 115, although i’ve seen it show less when not logged in. if the number is low let me know as we can explore why together.

The figures relating to Media will pull in and add together followers from Reddit, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. (if this is a big task it would be ok to just pull in a number manually added via i18n and we can build the full system after launch).

The ‘Economy’ figures will pull in stats from Etherscan. I have posted a link in the other thread. Found on Etherscan. The link for this API only should be added via i18n, because its an external site and needs to be different on each platform. The Discourse ones should be generic between sites so PHM will pull stats from PHM and BTM from BTM.

This is one possible solution: Mocky: The world's easiest & fastest tool to mock your APIs

Here’s where and how to find the Discourse API needed for this task: Discourse API Documentation. Can't find the parameter sent - support - Discourse Meta