Third Section: Projects

This section is based stylistically off of the category boxes in this forum (which you’ll see by clicking the ‘global’ button in the header), but is hard coded rather than pulling any elements in via API’s, making it far easier to build.

The basic concept is that there are boxes, with an image in the corner and text to the right of it, with similar dimensions and styling to the boxes used in this forum. Underneath the short intro text are 4 links. Users can click the title of the box, which is a link to a larger ‘project introduction page’, or any of the four links below the intro text and image, to go to a specific page related to that project.

For example with the project Brighter Tomorrow Map, they could visit itself, or the Reddit sub for it, or the project page in this forum where we’re coordinating building it.

You don’t need to worry about the individual links, images or text. Just add placeholders to i18n and i’ll add them.