Fix urls on homepage by replacing cardlink with react link component

Replace cardlink with react link component

@Marvelxy Can you have a look at the code again as Travis failed to build it so i think there’s an error somewhere.

How’s the search bar and stats button coming?

I will take a look.

Well, I’ve not made much progress yet. For the search, I wanted to use a react package, but I couldn’t use it because of the version of our project. I’m currently building the package as a component, but I’ve paused it to fix the bugs you reported.

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It would be good to update React. Tom has looked into it but hit some issues, i think its tricky

The travis build issues doesn’t look like my changes are the cause.

I see build errors from previous merge requests:

I thought you said the build usually fail?

I accidentally update the fl-maps branch instead of Master and Travis decided to build that branch and now won’t build Master anymore.

I’m really not sure whats going on, i think maybe both are hooked up to the live site and the latest one to build is the one that shows. I’ve asked Tom if he cans see what’s going on

I was going to pull Master downstream to fl-maps but it wants to change a whole lot of files. I think i should do it anyway and see whether it works or not, as it should be pretty easy to revert if it doesn’t work.

Just hunting for an error in the whitepaper which i’ve been updating today and is being flagged. Then i’ll complete the downstream PR

@Marvelxy ok that fixed it and the live branch is now phm-deploy (though it also shows as failed now in Travis which will need looking into by the @SysAdmin team).

Your update also went live although the platform is now using a different system for urls which doesn’t appear to be set up correctly. You can recreate by clicking any of the links on the homepage.

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I have an idea i’m checking out for why they aren’t working anymore related to this page fl-maps/dcs-website.json at master · focallocal/fl-maps · GitHub

It’ll be about 20mins before we know as it needs to update master and then i can pull it to phm branch… or maybe i’ll just copy paste it in now to halve the wait

Looks like the href links are the next options if you ask me.

can you expand that a bit?

I changed the links back the the href=‘link’ version, they seem to work.

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Not opening a window inside a window so we have two headers again?

It’s supposed to just redirect to the link. I actually didn’t test properly on Discuss before making the changes.

My changes didn’t act as expected. Do you want to make a PR with the reverted urls and see if that fixes it?

Okay, i will do a revert.

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it should be quick, I’m still awake. We can test it to see if it works.

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