[Overview] Floating footer

Floating Footer Overview

The most essential user actions are moved into a Floating footer to make platform navigation and recommended actions obvious and vastly improve UX.

The floating footer has 3 versions.

  • The homepage
  • The Global Side
  • The Local Side


Not logged in

[Log In/Join In] [About]

Logged in

[Bookmarks] [My Calendar] [My Tasks] [My Stats]

Global Side

[Discuss] [Vote] [Tasks] [Calendar] [Stats]

  • Discuss: Standard Discourse threads in the category the user is currently viewing using the ‘latest’ view. (live)
  • Tasks: Discourse Kanban for the category the user is currently viewing
  • Calendar: Events Plugin for the category the user is currently viewing
  • Vote: Discourse Voting is enabled on all threads marked with the ‘vote’ tag, enabling governance and decision making to operate on any tag or intersection of tags sitewide. This shows the posts with the ‘vote’ tag added in the category the user is currently viewing
  • Stats: Shows a graph of stats for the category users are currently on with the main focus being a ‘burn up’ chart showing all progress on the current milestone or project being worked towards in that category.

All of the above stats are currently available, tag @AndyatFocallocal if you need help finding them.


  • Stats can be build in stages.
    • Stage 1: Instead of showing the Category stats we can instead show the user the stats for their joined Groups as that is readily available.
    • Stage 2: Pull stats out on a per Category basis and build graphs

Tag Pages
You’ll see a lot of talk about tag-pages. We want to build the platform navigation structure to work on tag-pages as it grows. Unfortunately most Discourse plugins and theme components do not yet offer support for tag-pages meaning we’ll need to modify all of those ourselves.

As that’s a huge task we are first building using Categories and will switch to tag-pages later in the Roadmap.

@Marvelxy as we discussed in the video call i updated the floating footer overview page ready for when that task becomes priority again :slight_smile:

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Perfect :mechanical_arm: :muscle: :raised_hands:

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@Marvelxy Can’t believe i’ve not see this before. Click the burger menu, scroll to the bottom and you’ll find ‘keyboard shortcuts’. I’m sure some of those combinations will be helpful with this task. Especially ‘latest’ and ‘bookmarks’. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome! I will play with it :slight_smile:

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