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We’re going to create a World Record for the Worlds Longest Free Hug activity - in terms of distance, to promote the idea that we can bring more peace to this World by simply getting out on the streets and doing something to make where we live a little friendlier, safer and happier!

Here’s a chat thread for all those in the core team joining in to spread the happiness as far as we can. Our main mission is to use the activity to get as many other towns, cities and villages to use our new platform or app to create Public Happiness Activities where they live!

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Hi hi, I’ve been sending a few messages a day on Couchsurfing, and so far have couches for Cheshunt and Cambridge and possibly linked up to a free hugs and happiness group in Cheshunt!!! - lots of requests to go, but all positive responses (even the negative ones)
Could do with a volunteer to help send requests - someone with a good CS profile (lots of references from hosts and surfers).

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The Couchsurfing event for London
Might have a host for a free hugs event on the Sunday in Cheshunt :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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That’s excellent @sarah.michel :smiley: I’ve heard from one already, I’ll post an article today that you can share around

I’ve been setting up ads for more people to join our team, and working on getting the app complete so we have something to invite people to

And currently pacing on the spot while working on my laptop as I haven’t got time to do any training

Hello hello, testing testing 123

Would like to reach out to a number of the walking/hiking group leaders on meetup…
Just multitasking right now. is there a simple list of the route locations I can copy and paste (have seen the list on trello and open route service but nothing I can just simply copy :slight_smile:

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30/06 - Free hugs in Green Park
Green Park - Cheshunt
01/07 Cheshunt to Buntingford
02/07 Buntingford to Cambridge
03/07 Cambridge to Huntingford
04/07 Huntingford to Peterborough
05/07Peterborough to Bourne
06/07Bourne to Grantham
07/07Grantham to Newark
08/07Newark to Retford
09/07Retford to Doncaster
10/07Doncaster to Selby
11/07Selby to York
12/07York to Thirsk
13/07Thirsk to Catterick
14/07Catterick to Bowes
15/07Bowes to Middleton in Teesdale
16/07Middleton to Dufton
17/07Dufton to Alston
18/07Alston to Greenhead
19/07Greenhead to Bellingham
20/07Bellingham to Byrness
21/07Byrness to Jedburgh
22/07Jedburgh to Melrose
23/07Melrose to Innerleithen
24/07Innerleithen to Penicuik
25/07Penicuik to Edinburgh

You’re welcome

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Although I think Huntingford might be wrong? It might be Huntingdon?

thanks Sarah. Yes after doing a quick search looks like it is Huntingdon (a town famous for all the wrong reasons)

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good thinking :slight_smile:

good spot, i’ve updated trello

@vernonmarkjames and @sarah.michel i want to communicate to everyone invited that we want them to join in from their city too if they aren’t in the UK.

They aren’t going to read anything other than the title, so we either

  1. add to the title ‘join in where you live too’


  1. create a second World Free Hug event and invite people to both, sharing all the social media i create from the walk to get people excited about the second.

I can’t make a call on that one Andy. I’m more drawn to the second one as long as it doesn’t take people’s attention away from London-Edinburgh.

Ok, it could be fun if we set it for the day i arrive in edinburgh… and give me more incentive to push through. i’ve discovered most people who do this type of thing often set their targets at 25miles/day …a lot of my days are 30+ miles.

Also, i’m going to hammer the times and daily distance Eddie Izzard set it seems, then i also discovered he was highly flexible with his use of the word ‘run’

So i should really take a rest day in the middle in case i need it to catch up as it seems i’m being very ambitious. I can perhaps source a fold up chair and sit by a river giving Free Hugs to everyone who passes. Where are you up to with the CS messages Sarah? i’ll pick a point after that.

I’m up to Grantham so far? but no responses yet, I will do Newark and Retford today - Do you want to continue from after Retford?
Are you in touch with this group?
Sarah x

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Not yet, would you like to send them a message? it always carries more weight when its coming from someone else rather than directly. i’ll finish writing an article about it tonight and you can send that to them :slight_smile:

Newark on Trent looks like a nice place to have a day sitting by the river, while also offering Free Hugs to keep the event unbroken :slight_smile:

Also, well done @vernonmarkjames i’ve seen your messages and some replies already. Great effort!

No probs Andy. I see there’s some edits on the Open Route map. Are these venues & people you are teaming up with ? Just had some contact from someone in Bowes btw. Will update asap.

Which edits are these? Can you print screen and paste it here? This forum can handle full page copy/pasting