Welcome! lets Discuss Action

Welcome to The Public Happiness Movement, a community for building connection and peace in the world. You can imagine this platform like a Happy Death Star. Its still under heavy construction, but is now fully operational!


Cards in the Action Center contain a list of useful resources, plus three main tools:

  1. Chat - for daily chatter within a team
  2. Discuss - for more in depth discussion
  3. Missions - to accept and post Missions

Chat is faster than Discuss. it’s where you can have a real time conversations with one, or a few other members, perfect for daily chatter. Discuss is for longer term discussion. You won’t miss out on everything if you don’t visit Discuss for a week, conversations in Chat will often be long gone so anything important said should be summed up and posted in Discuss

The Home page shows the most recent topics. From the right menu you can browse by categories, you can also search via your skills or interest in specific causes by clicking ‘All Tags’ in the menu and selecting specific ‘Tags’ i.e. ‘Graphic Design’, ‘Video Editing’, ‘Press Releases’, ‘Homelessness’

Sticky’d at the top of the homepage you’ll see:

  1. Gratitude - for thanking others doing amazing things for our community
  2. Mission Complete - To post all the missions you complete from the Missions section, so others can keep up to date with whats going on, and so they can say thank you and share the in positive vibes your achievement brings!

Work Flow

  1. Select one, and only one, Mission from Missions in a project/activity you’d like to join in
    (discuss collaborative work in this forum)
  2. Move it into the relevant Sprint section and assign it to yourself
  3. Complete the Mission and Move it into ‘Mission Complete’
  4. Return to Discuss and share your success with the rest community in ‘Missions Complete’ in the Hero Hub
  5. Repeat as often as you’d like. The average is one every 2 weeks, and each should hopefully take around 30 mins to complete