Dinosaur Bubble-Gun Street Dance Party World Record!

Yes, your eyes are telling you the truth. every world of the title is true!!

This is happening (if you help and give it a social media push), and it is happening in Groningen, Netherlands!

What you can do now:

  1. Say hi below, you’re now following this topic.
  2. When should we do it??
  • students should be at Uni, and not in a busy/exam period.
  • should it be day time so families can join in? or around 8pm to get the night started so the led dino’s lights are fabulous??! …or both. one during the day and another in the evening, and a contest to see which is bigger??
  • the police will be informed but this is going to be a ‘positive action protest’, so it’s protected by the EU human rights act and doesn’t need permission

@Jimshart we can chat about the video here. i’ll send you the files and full vid in a few minutes. welcome

@Jimshart btw, did you get a welcome/getting started email? just out of curiosity

@Jimshart here’s the promo vid i made: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LgMgjOmr6csbNbY7FbmkGsVBWesluCl4

plus the cheesy one that’s already on dinobubbledance.com …although i think maybe that one is too lame