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@pablodclavijo How about this Wednesday at 18:00 your time, which would be 22:00 for me and Marvelous who are on Lisbon time. @pheno the meeting is open for anyone and you are very welcome to join in too.

Let me know when you decide about the stats task for the blockchain i suggested, or if you need any support working through setting up a Localhost (which isn’t essential for the blockchain task).

Yes, Wednesday at 18:00 sounds perfect.
About the sql file, I’m not sure what am I suppose to do. Do I export the results of that query onto a spreadsheet or I have to modify it?

That’s just a example we’d be copying bits from and modifying. I was asking if that working with me on that task interested you and if it does i’ll explain it in full.

Great that you can make Wednesday. Do you mind if we record the video for others?

Oh, I see lol. As long as it is within my stack I’m in. About the meeting, I don’t mind if it is recorded. It’s fine by me

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@pablodclavijo here’s the video link for today: https://duo.app.goo.gl/rg9JN1DvxLQwZGHme8ytVD

Let’s move this conversation into the Web Dev group afterwards and leave this thread for new members introducing themselves :slightly_smiling_face: