Community Leaders Thread

Missions for Community Leaders:

Stage 1: Preparation.

  1. Begin building a community in your location of other kind hearted people who want to use our platform to help support those who are homeless in building a brighter future
  2. With your community, find already existing free resources in the local area and post them onto the map. (shelters, showers, free food, medical support, employment help, etc)
  3. Reach out to local people and ask if they would like to offer something kind they can do to help people who are homeless nearby (check the ‘Join the discussion’ link on the homepage to find/suggest ideas)

Stage 2: Publicising the Map.

  1. Once you have a good amount of resources posted on the map and available in your local area begin reaching out to the homeless community nearby. You can translate our posters and put them up in local libraries, shelters and other places people who are homeless spend time.
  2. Put posters up for kind people nearby to get active supporting people living on the streets near them
  3. A monthly meeting for the community using the map is also great to get people engaged

Stage 3: Maintaining
As a community leader you will be the main person keeping an eye on how the map is used in your local area. Making sure that users are using it to offer support (and not to sell things, convert people to religions cults, etc)

Use this thread to discuss more ideas to grow our local communities around this fabulous map built for us by volunteers around the world!