Discuss+Suggest New Projects

Post and Discuss new ideas for Positive Action Projects, Gatherings and Flash Mobs

All ideas should be fun and innovative ideas to tackle an issue in your local community. This can be local/global, as we want as many ideas to be re-created by/with local people around the World as possible!

Its ok to post a cool activity, even if you aren’t sure what issue it is helping. Often it can be shaped by others to achieve effect a societal issue in a positive way

Please keep discussion positive and constructive. look for issues within ideas, as often there can be unforeseen problems, and then help shape a solution to those issues.

Miss A: ‘i want to make a big water fight in London’
Mr C: ‘cool. what issue are you aiming to target’
Miss A: ‘not sure, what could we do?’
Miss R: ‘love it, what about making society more playful and if we bring heaps of spare it would be getting people to have fun with others they haven’t met?’
Mr T: ‘Hey, i could imagine some people getting upset if they get wet. We’s could solve that by being clear to only shoot people who have water guns, and for the Focallocal members to keep people from running/playing near others who aren’t participating’
Mrs S: ‘where can we get water from?’
Miss A: ‘i know a park with a public fountain we can refill from’
Mr T: ‘seems like this has momentum lets create its own thread to carry on discussion’

  • at this point the activity has been discussed and has someone wanting can move this discussion into Positive Action > Gatherings to have its own thread for continued discussion
  • also they’d create a list in the Gatherings Trello board to begin putting Missions into for everyone who wants to be part of making it happen.