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When someone posts a video on social media, by far the biggest factor which determines how many views it gets is how many people like and share it in the 1st 10-30 mins.

As a rough guide, Youtube/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter show that video in the feed of 2 - 5 people and see if it gets views, likes or shares. If it gets a few then they show it on maybe 20 feeds, and see the response, and that circle expands.

If you want to see our messages of taking action to bring more peace, happiness and well-being into the world, which we all support by being in the Focallocal Public Happiness community, spread out further and reach more people, then we can, and we should hack that!!

If someone posts a link to a video from our community, and you agree with its message, please like and share it.

Doing this anytime is helpful. The most effective time is the 1st 10 - 30mins and click ‘like’ and ‘share’. A video getting 5 or 10 shares in that period might reach tens of thousands, rather than 5 people, so if you see one posted please jump in. It only takes a few seconds!

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Here’s the 1st video. I would really appreciate the thoughts of my friends before i share it with the public as… well i’m not sure it will be received well.

I didn’t know that! Thanks

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