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Important notes.

  1. Chill out and make it fun for everyone. You can hurt people with a pillow if you swing it hard at anyone less robust than you

  2. If someone hurts you, politely TELL THEM they are hitting too hard so they don’t carry on hurting others. They probably don’t realise.

  3. It’s a pillow fight. You are going to get hit in the head with a pillow. If that worries you stick to the edges. Not sure, give it a try with your friends before coming

  4. Don’t hit anyone with a camera. We like them.

  5. Wait till the signal before beginning

  6. This is not an organised corporate ‘event’. Its simply people exercising their human right to gather and have fun together.

  7. This idea has spread around the World by word of mouth since its inception in 2003. You can read more about its history and purpose here:

  8. Wear a Costume! Its just more fun and makes you cooler

If you want to be at more Public Happiness Flash Mobs and Gatherings this year, in any country, or want to make your own and bring more positive and proactive people into your life, you are welcome to get active in the Focallocal Movement on this site

Please use these hashtags in your posts, photos and videos so everyone can find them:
#Internationalpillowfightday2019 #Groningen #PublicHappiness