Welcome Emails

Web Developers (Homelessness Project. Brighter Tomorrow Map)

This is the standard welcome email for Web Developers. It has proved successful. Users email needs to be copy/pasted into the invite function in Trello, Github and Slack.

Thank you for you your message [name], i’d love to have you join in and i look forwards to getting to know you!

Here’s our standard welcome email.

Our web team coordinate via Slack, Trello and Github. I’ve added you to all three and you should have an invite email for them all.

Getting Started:

We require all developers to aim for a minimum of 2hrs a month to support the project, most choose to do more, but it helps people to make time to stay involved if they have a reminder to schedule their commitment each month, and makes collaborations much easier. Here’s our new team calendar: https://timetr.ee/s/xii7JyoSfA6L8KcePFXyfBkBooht40MR?f=c

Please set a monthly (or weekly) reminder on your normal calendar reminding you to schedule your involvement.


  1. Head to our Slack channel and say Hi in the Introductions Slack channel and let everyone know your skills and whether you are most interested in frontend, backend/security, api’s, apps, growth-hacking, or a mix.
  2. Read through the readme guide in our Github to get an idea of the project
  3. Set up a local dev enviroment, most of us use Atom.io. Settings.json is pinned to the #meteor-maps channel in Slack. (let us know if you have difficulties, a lot of people find set up fiddly and it does take some time)
  4. Once setup, jump into the workflow and pick your first mission on Trello (using the filters to find ‘current key tasks’)


  1. Visit Trello and use the Meteor filter to hide Missions for other teams. Most urgent tasks are the top of the ‘Both’ list.
  2. Grab a card, assign yourself to it and move it into the ‘Sprint’ List - to prevent two people working on the same issue/mission
  3. When complete move it into ‘Missions Complete’, also click the link inside the card to close the issue in Github

Issues are created on Github, and then get automatically posted on Trello (with a delay up to 15mins). Here’s direct links, i suggest adding them to your browsers bookmarks to make navigation easy:

fl-master branch: https://focallocal.org
fl-sleeper: https://brightertomorrowmap.com

Wider Community :
You’ll notice there are two maps, and other areas of our website being worked on by other teams. Focallocal is a community of people who are coming together and using their skills to create projects and activities to solve issues in their local community - like homelessness. We call it ‘Local Action for Global Change’, and we’re using another instance of the maps to get people doing nice things around the world, the code base for both maps is currently identical as the core function is identical - community connection - for both, the only differences are in text which is defined in il8n, a language app (which we will also use to make the maps multilingual shortly). After v0.1 we will begin separating the code base and split the teams (if we can find enough developers)

The Brighter Tomorrow Map is our flagship project, welcome to the Focallocal Public Happiness community!


Also, if you know any other devs or people with any other skills, who would want to join in please invite them

Webdev and Homelessness Example

Here’s an example post i’ve been using for the brighter tomorrow map build

Webdev Public Happiness

An example of a reddit post - Not very effective. Needs improvement.

Web Dev General

Example general post and web dev post on Pimp My Cause

Web Dev General 2

Example improved Web Dev post

UX and UI

Example Post from EA Work Club