Organisational - The Team Page

Here’s our Brighter Tomorrow Map team page, and the Public Happiness Movement team page.

We maintain these to show off the amazing people who’ve helped build these hope-filled projects, and to give you something to show to potential employers, colleagues, or maybe your mum. There’s also that employers may come and headhunt you via this page.

To get listed on the team page you generally need to complete 3 missions from our Trello board, although sometimes you’ll be invited if you contribute one particularly awesome leap forwards.

In the case that you’ve completed three issues this process is self-actioned. Once you’ve completed three issues add yourself to Team page in Github on either master or fl-sleeper branch. Usually you’ll be adding to both as your coding is supporting both projects.


  • link to a reasonable quality portrait photo, rather than an avatar.
  • link up to three external links, for example, linkedin, your github profile, your personal website, or other work you’ve created.
  • give yourself a title which reflects the work you are looking for in the future, and fits with the work you’ve been doing here. ‘master of the universe’ might be funny, but it’s not going to help your teammates if they are trying to show someone a professional project they’ve been a part of in a job interview.
  • post yourself in the bottom box, and copy/paste the code above if needed
  • don’t be shy. it directly benefits our project by having more people posted up in the page, and once you’ve completed three missions you deserve to be there :slight_smile:
  • be careful not to leave spaces at the beginning or end, inside the quotation marks as the page doesn’t like that