Getting Started: Picking a Path

There are different paths you can take in your journey with our platform, each has it’s own dedicated channels. You can also choose a few, or even all of them.

  1. Work on Front End issues in React/Meteor
  2. Join our Mobile Apps Build
  3. Join the Security and Backend Team
  4. Work on improving integration of our Discourse forum (API work and a bit server side). This will expand to become our backend and user profiles soon.
    (to join message @AndyatFocallocal)
  5. UX/UI improvements. Designing them and ideally implementing them, although you can create issues in Github for others instead, once they are approved.
    Currently using the suggestions thread as a home until more UX/UI members join in.
  6. Team Coordination and Systems Design
    (to join message @AndyatFocallocal)
  7. SEO
    (to join message @AndyatFocallocal)
  8. Statistics, A/B Testing
    (to join message @AndyatFocallocal)

Front-end issues are discussed in the default #meteor-maps thread on Slack. To join in any other team just click the link above, after you’ve joined our Slack channel. Some paths/teams don’t have their own space yet as there’s no-one specifically active in them - these are the ones asking you to message @AndyatFocallocal, so he can get you going :slight_smile:

Often there is a lot of activity going on which is hidden from view. Ideally we’d like to bring everything onto here so the energy being put in is open and visible to excite everyone …but web developers are a stubborn breed and most like using Slack as it’s open at work anyway, so currently most team threads are on Slack. They can all be sync’d here if anyone would prefer to use this forum.

We do intend to sync a few non-technical channels between this forum and Slack, for example, ‘suggestions’, ‘general’ and ‘bugs’, so there is some communication between other teams and our web dev hero’s