Software - Design Goals


<List application’s stakeholders and their priorities>
<How website is/should be designed to meet their priorities>

The goals of “good design”, and this document altogether, are closely tied to the application’s stakeholders and their priorities. For this app the main stakeholder priorities are:

  • Users
    Although the actual user journey is laid out in the next section, from a design perspective we need to ensure that the features provided are accessible i.e. UI is not too cluttered/confusing, and that the site behaviour is reliable i.e. minimise loading times/site crashes.

  • Developers
    For the sake of fellow developers, we should aim to keep the architecture simple or intuitive where possible to minimise headaches further down the line. We should also appropriately document our code (but need to strike the right balance - too many comments can create clutter; ideally code should be self-documenting)

  • Operations
    Following on from the above, the same applies to maintaining the application, as we aim to ensure the site will be easy to grow and maintain in future.

  • Project Management
    When it comes to coordinating development tasks, this is made easier by having the system divided into localised modules which can exist independently e.g. UI logic is encapsulated in one module, whereas database logic is handled separately.

In addition to the above priorities, re-usability should be encouraged as much as possible.

I’ve begun pulling out some of this information in our design changes decision making documentation.

It can be used to guide completing of this page