Welcome to the Public Happiness Movement Whitepaper

Hello, and welcome. I’m not an expert at Cryptocurrency, i’m an expert in Public Happiness creation.

I’ve tried my best to learn enough to write this whitepaper, but i’m definitely lacking in some areas and so i’m inviting friends who have skills in related areas to have a look, and if you like what’s being built here then please do jump to the sections that interest you and leave your feedback and ideas to help strengthen this vision.

There are a few things i expect people will not approve of, but i’ve left them in out of curiosity :wink:

Thank you so much for coming!

Aragon.com is useful for setting a token and DAO up with voting and other features.

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Interesting. I’ll check it out, although we don’t want on-chain voting. That would lead to users being able to buy influence with Fiat, which undermines so many decentralised governance communities.

The idea is that increased voting influence can only be earned by taking positive action on issues in their local community, or doing essential work for the operation of the ecosystem. So those who have more influence are the ones most invested in our vision and mission - but everyone is able to vote

Ah, that’s built by the Giveth community (or they use it. I’m not too sure). I made friends with them last weekend so there should be a few of the team coming by soon who can fill us in personally.

We could perhaps use it to tokenise reputation on the platform. that would need to be closed from trading and for internal use only. as again, our model is undermined if people can buy influence.

Right now i was thinking about a low tech solution using our Discourse forum. That might come with security issues as it’s not built for a system where hacking your reputation is a high stakes target, so we should discuss it further.
Simplicity is a desirable feature.