How does the balance between ICO participants and later users work?

What i mean is, will someone spending $50 on the ICO earn more than someone who puts months into creating projects in the real world in 2 years time?

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That’s a very good question.

In some ways that depends on the success of the token. At this point we can’t predict what it’s market cap will be in 2 years time, and those who take a risk and support us early do deserve a higher reward. That initial trust snowballs and has an outsized effect later on and the rewards they get should reflect that.

The value of each token will be set by the amount of money raised during the ICO.

The amount of tokens we release each year makes the token’s value deflationary. So having a larger percentage of token released each year would make the deflation rate high and discourage users from holding onto, or speculating on the token.

Speculation is where most increases to the token’s value will come from, therefore the token % released each year should be low compared to the total amount of tokens in existence.

I would definitely like someone with a solid foundation in economics and finance to look deeper into the balance of these values though, and also create some visual representations to better represent it.