Improve the 'gather' button on Focallocal. Org

From Nikki: * Maybe the ‘Gather’ button can be renamed to something like ‘ Create Gathering ’ or ‘ Organize a Gathering ’. The word “Gather” alone is not really clear to new visitors.
The header title can be renamed to "Join the #PublicHappinessMovement " or more general like “Join the Movement” along with the two buttons described above.

I absolutely agree this needs improvement. I think that your suggestions are too long for that button on a mobile in portrait mode, can we communicate clearly using less words?

participate or events. I think the legality of the word “event” just needs to be addressed at perhaps the boots on the ground level, idk how much wiggle room there is with it. I think gather instead of events is causing the same damage that RSVPs showing “interested” instead of “attending” does to the turnout. It’s just more ambiguous

I agree. We’d need to teach users to feel that ‘gather’ is their word, rather than having something intuitive. the word ‘events’ isn’t an option though, as if we use it on our platform people will use it in the real world, which will lead to their ‘gatherings’ being shut down and demands for a permit.

legally, ‘a gathering’ is exactly what we want uses to say they are doing is.