Engage users on pages, and show others how many are also engaged

The current ‘engage’ button is not getting users to click it and make a post.

  1. We need to design a way to increase this as it’s a primary function of our site.

With users not using the ‘engage’ button, or any other forum buttons, each page has no information to encourage more users to join in.

  1. We need to present information to users showing interest.

Some ideas i had for #2

We could record each person who visits the page and display that number on the page as ‘interested’, as visiting the page shows users are at least interested

The default idea is a big ‘going’ and another ‘maybe’ button as popularised by Facebook. The reason we didn’t do that before is that we want users to engage with each other in the forums. This could be solved if we could create a ‘Going’ button which automatically created a post in the forum saying ‘I’m going’. It is possible, but not that easy.