Pick Me Up Poetry

Hellllooooo Positive People! Looking forward to picking people up with our simple mini personalised poems on Friday! I’ll post some of my structures on here - please feedback as to what you think will work and post your own ideas too! Team work makes the dream work! X

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@LittleSarah can you post your example structure here please :slight_smile:

I was thinking, we don’t know them personally so perhaps we could approach groups/couples perhaps and ask them pick words for each other, as they’d know which words are accurate about the person they are with, to give the poems more meaning. What do you think?

Here’s one example of how to quickly create a simple empowering personalised poem! Ahem hem:

sets the world on fire
His <noun - a strength> takes everyone higher
When he <5 syllables about awesome stuff they do>
The whole world <4 syllables showing how the world is better because of them>

Andy sets the world on fire
His energy takes everyone higher
When he builds community
The world unites in positivity!

We can brainstorm some adjectives that rhyme well with lots of words/names and put them in a jar on just have them on a mindmap for people (or their friends/family/partners) to choose from :heart: What do you think lovely people?

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i like it!

i think some people might enjoy an expert-mode, basically so those good at poetry/rap, etc are free to create their own structure so we should be mindful to offer it as an option. which i expect you’d planned for anyway :slight_smile:

that was a lot of fun, well done @LittleSarah. Here’s a form to fill in so we can list it as a suggested activity on the site: https://goo.gl/forms/9gA2BUFyqr3zsWWW2

please also send over a cover photo and a couple of nice photos to go with it, plus any poems you are happy for others to use as a template :slight_smile: x