The 2 Intro's are a Wall

I like the 2 intro’s you’ve written, but they are a bit of a wall before the paper really begins. Getting through all that is gonna put a lot of people off.

Why not turn that into your pitch deck and have it on a different page for non-technical people and those new to the idea to skim rather/before diving into the whitepaper?

I know the whitepaper itself isn’t a technical document right now and you want others with more experience in the industry to contribute that side of things

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You’re spot on buddy :slight_smile:

The Intro text is designed to guide creation of a Pitch-Deck and it won’t be in the whitepaper once that’s created. Right now i don’t have any offers to create one, and graphic design is not my area.

Which version did you prefer?

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tbh, i’d say both. mush them together and cut the weaker or less important ones out.

I’ve moved these into the ‘Why’ page, and used a drop-down format so users can explore without being overwhelmed with info