Glitter, seed-bombing water-fight dance party!

What about finding waste-land. good gym style clearing it, and then hosting a glitter and colour war dance party (with the egg shell glitter and powder you throw …or perhaps we could make our own colour powder from something that’d make a good fertiliser for the plants). then having a water fight - so we’d have an epic day, make a huge mess …while at the same time planting and watering a beautiful landscape of natural flowers and plants, etc.

good for the environment and we could fund it all through ticket sales


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I love the sound of this! Messy, fun and planting life!

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Sounds waaayyyyy tooo coool! Let’s do it. Perhaps outdoors in a park! So we can come back a week later and see what spawns from this!

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i think scrub land would be better. somewhere with nothing in it but weeds, where we could clear it and create a eco-paradise