Redesigning the Action Center


A thread to discuss improving our Micro-volunteering area to increase efficiency, engagement and enjoyment.

We’re just about to rebrand the site, as we’ve built it to unite the many other groups working towards the same direction as us, and struggling to engage their community since social media reduced our ability to interact and for ideas to emerge from a crowd and spark a following.

Links to explore:

Action Center:
a pretty rough, but functional Alpha version, of a space for users to find and create projects and see all the tools available.

Documentation how to suggest changes: Getting Started - UX/UI Design/Feature Decision Making

Main website:


My initial thoughts are implementing a version of Scrum.

In Scrum i’m a big fan of the metric collections, team led development, and user influenced agile design. I think it would greatly speed up creation of working and usable projects.

For example, our Brighter Tomorrow Map to help the worlds homeless through increasing community connection, has taken us three years of building and is only just now ready to begin helping (and definitely needs heavy refinement based on user feedback and behavioural modelling).

It doesn’t sound like you have teams. Just random individuals . That is a large part of our problem, and why a pure Scrum solution wouldn’t work. Rather something inspired by Scrum principles.

complex problem solving space That’s exactly what we are. A space for people to suggest, design and build projects to solve societies many issues in a positive way, and bring more well-being into the world.

We do have some stable people, but can’t rely on anyone too much because life happens. We are also planning to Tokenise, as an effort to increase the amount of stable members in teams. eta: 6 months, and at minimum it will be a very cool internet points system. Visualisation of project progress and overall energy/efficiency in building projects and the ecosystem as a whole, i expect would increase engagement, fun and output greatly.

My thoughts on how to try and implement Scrum would be to limit teams to 9 for a set period - perhaps each 2 weeks. Allowing them to post simple dogsbody tasks to the wider community. Team members would sign up each period with priority given to whoever is able to schedule the most time to work on it - with last months team members give a …x3 boost, and past members in general a x2 boost, to balance experience and stability with energy and input

(all top of my head ideas. totally open to better solutions)