The number of currently active global projects is limited

I think more clarity could be added here. Is it an open system where all users can create their own projects and seek funding? Is it a closed system where just a few people are creating the projects and asking the other users to build them?

It sounds like its half way between both. I’d like to see more depth in the explanation though.

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Yes, i see what you’re saying @Margie121

Its a system where anyone can post their idea for a project which empowers local people to create positive societal change where they live.

that might be a fairly brief idea, or a full plan they’ve been working on for a while outside of our community and have struggled to get off the ground.

once our community agrees to back a project it will be delivered to the world, and the original creator can choose their level of involvement (unless those building it hit an unanticipated
impasse and vote to drop the build).

The community now owns the project and build, and it’s direction is led by a team of the 9 most active members working on it, with the most active as project lead. The core team is refreshed each month. The founder/idea originator can lead from the front by choosing to be the most active member in the build.