Proposed New Site Layout

I’ll begin this topic here until we reach an agreement, then move it into the documentation

Proposed new site structure

Current site structure

@danyalamriben @NJUX @ArtyS @AlecAaron @tmcnulty

I created these diagrams to give an overview of our site and my suggested new structure, as i know the UX guys were struggling to get a grip on it. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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updated my posts above

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Btw, if you want to play around and edit those you can download the files from here:

and upload them into

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Yes!! Thanks for the guides! Progress!

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Can I get a linear version?

It runs from the centre out, with the dotted lines showing the stages of heirachy. I can pull it around to make a top down version tomorrow if that’ll help

It’s cool I"ll work with this.

Hey @AndyatFocallocal looks great I was just wondering is that a current map for a goal/future map?

@danyalamriben the second is the current site, the top is my proposal for our new site structure

The centeral point becomes users home page, with the 1st level being the gatherings map and action center. The dotted lines moving outwards show linear order of heirachy

Oh hang on. You can’t see those properly when clicked because of the see-through background.

I’ll change them after my next meeting finishes :slightly_smiling_face:

For now you need to download them to view correctly

i’ve fixed the images with a white background

Thanks! Hey so I don’t know why the gatherings map is considered a separate branch from the action center. Can someone explain?

My thinking is it would make sense to be a sub category of the action center

Which I would also add, might be worth brainstorming a different title for. Maybe I’m just underestimating American’s opinions towards “action centre” but my gut instinct was to think “action hub” or “action home” or something might be clearer. Maybe? Passing fragments of thoughts…

The gatherings map are for users to find each other, meet and do positive activities in person.

The action centre is for people to build projects online, which will sometimes go into the gatherings map. Other times they’ll become their own stand alone website

Meet and build

The action centre is limited to a certain number of projects being built based on how many members we have engaging over there. They are usually international in scope. For example 9.

The gatherings map will have hundreds of thousands of activities going on