Cryptonomics needs clarification

You say the following: Crypto-economics is the golden opportunity to redress these economic imbalances and blind-spots. Preventing the hurt and misery they’ve caused to so many humans, all across the world from continuing.

You need to explain why Cryptonomics is the golden opportunity to address the issues highlighted in your paper. Investors may rebut your notion of why cryptonomics is not good for your project.

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Very good point @SarbKlair

The paper is taking the reader on a journey from the inception of GDP based economies as a post war recovery, to understanding that many of today’s deepest societal issues were predicted by its creator and are caused directly by our GDP based economic system and how it weighs its measurements.

Crypto Economics is a golden opportunity to design new economic systems, and we aim to build one which plugs the gap by incentivising people into action to improve their local and global society in ways which are currently ignored economically.